The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Post.

The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Post.                                                             This post may contain affiliate links to products I like.

I decided to write this post as I am still learning on my blogging journey (in leaps and bounds) and the posts from other bloggers, especially on Pinterest, has been invaluable.
There is always a tidbit of information that is a real gem and shows that many brains found in one place is an invaluable goldmine.
The life blood of blogging is your posts so it is essential that you get it right!

Here is your checklist to make sure your post has all the essential elements in it:

  Your title (h1) has a keyword or phrase associated with your niche. It answers a question or a need in that niche, in order to gain the attention of the reader

It is important that you do your keyword research before you start your blog by researching what people are looking for on Google. So you need to find what their problem is and you can do this by typing some long tail keywords that people looking for something would type in ie. short phrases that ask a question. When Google brings up the search, you want to find the 'sweet spot'. So you definitely don't want to compete with 75 million others who are providing a solution to a problem nor do you want a search result that is so low that it is not worth the effort. 

Many bloggers and affiliate marketers choice of tool is Jaaxy and many marketers and blogging platforms recommend this tool. It is the most advanced platform for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research. It is so simple to use, with quick results. It offers 100 free searches and is worth looking into, if you are serious about getting your blog seen or want to sell affiliate products on your website. You can pop over now and have a go with a free search- no credit card is required =>  Jaaxy keyword Research Tool

Have a go with jaaxy now and see how great it is. Just enter your keywords below and see how jaaxy works as a powerful tool.

      Header image-Optimize it for Pinterest 735 x 1102 pixels and use your branding so readers recognise your work
     Short paragraphs- I always use short paragraphs so it is easier on the eyes and the brain. It is easier to skim the content for those with good skimming skills who like to read quickly.

Don’t forget your subheadings (h2,h3).

 Images- add relevant images under your subheadings, related to your content. Facebook size is best 1200 x 628.

       Don’t forget alt text on your images with keywords. All adds up in SEO.

       Links. There are different links you can put in: backlinks to other posts that have valuable content. If you updating an older post, don’t forget to link back to that post. Be careful about linking to another website to get backlinks that you own as I read recently that it counts against you. I suppose it may be over-used, just like keyword stuffing in a post. If you want more information on links and anchor texts, you can visit

      More links- to useful resources, related to your content. If you use an image, don’t forget alt text.

      Aim to write 850-1,000 words. I have been blogging for just over a year and have read many times that 500 words are not good enough for SEO anymore. That’s a decision you have to make.

         Disclosure if you are using affiliate links. Check with your affiliate as some disclosures are simple one sentence disclosures under the header while others are a cut and paste job and you are told where to place it.

  Use spacing for ease of reading.

An outstanding tool for any blogger and marketer, with the added benefits of Tailwind Tribes-better than group boards. Click=>


Clickable Call to Action button. 

Decide what you want to do next and where you want to sent them. These can be placed:

a)     On the header, if you have a great offer to download or subscribe to
b)    At the end, to follow and share the content
c)     In between the content but don’t overwhelm
d)    On your freebie
e)     On your thank you page

Social Sharing buttons.

Your readers may want to follow you if they like your content, and share your content.

          Check all your buttons and links to see if they are working. 

     When I set up my first website, I assumed that all my social sharing buttons worked on all other pages as the buttons did appear automatically on other pages but did not work.   My light box also decided not to work and still don’t know why and how many subscribers I lost!


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Title h1
Header image
Short paragraphs
Subheadings h2, h3
Images about content
Alt text
More links to resources
Word count
Call To Action buttons
Social sharing buttons
Check all buttons and links                             

This post may contain affiliate links to products I like.

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  1. Hi! Thank you. Clear and simple explaining.
    Gonna check tools you recommend)
    And I wanted to ask your opinion about SERPstat. It's for all SEO, but I want to use it for backlinks. It defines a lot of backlinks, it also can and do not break new and lost links. Seems perfect, but I want to hear someone's opinion to insure

  2. Thanks Simonn for your comment. Semrush is the only one I see recommended by marketers, and I think, most recently, mentioned by Neil Patel. I went into some of my bloggers groups and the comment made was that it was good for its price but Semrush was better.

  3. Such an informative post - thanks for sharing it with us! I must say, I never thought of having a checklist but it absolutely makes sense!

  4. These are fantastic tips, thanks so much for sharing! I'm going to have to refer to this checklist the next time I post.

    1. Thank you-great feedback and much appreciated.

  5. What great tips! Some of these you don't even think about before posting, but really should be a daily habit. Thanks for the check list!!

  6. You're welcome Abby- it was a great exercise for me as I love to have a checklist to follow so I know what I'm doing.

  7. Really handy tips thank you. I am trying my bets to learn about all of this stuff so having this down in one post is helpful

  8. thanks, clear everything! All steps, super :)

  9. I absolutely agree with a lot of these but especially the point about short paragraphs! I can't tell you how many times I go to other people's blogs and they use these massive paragraphs - it's hard to read.
    Great post! :)

  10. Totally agree-came across same problem yesterday and difficult to skim. One blogger wrote whole post in one paragaph intertwined with lots of tech jargon-HELP!

  11. Replies
    1. thanks, I reaaly wanted an easy to follow list.

  12. good tips, i always/never remember to add alt title to my images haha

    1. I learnt that all images should also be reduced to small, for SEO purposes. Read it on post today.

  13. Great tips and blogging resources. Will be sure to use them

    1. Glad you like the resources I chose- I thought their blog posts were valuable.

  14. Great Tips! Simple and to the point! Thanks for sharing!

  15. The way I learn is to reduce all new ideas to a nutshell of most important points so it is designed for those who take in new information, like me! Then use it until I am ready to expand the breadth of my learning.

  16. This is a great checklist! I struggle with backlinks. I hardly ever do them and I didn't realize they were so important. I will be doing them from now on!


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